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Every Country is having problems with healthcare, some far worse than America! During my research I contacted my
daughter who lives in France, my sister who lives in Australia, and friends living in Britain and Germany and discovered things that surprised me. My daughter has also lived in America and Britain and is familiar with all three systems, and rates American health coverage best, French a close second, and British a bad joke.

Germany implemented health insurance in 1883 and has continued improving it ever since. It receives almost no money from taxation, no tax and spend, it is incredibly efficient, and I cannot help but be impressed with their system, and it is cheaper than the French and Swiss systems which makes it Number One in my book.

The French started their system in the 1930's, it is compulsory for all ages and is very similar to our Medicare and you also buy a supplement like our Plans F, or J. France did not use any taxes to help fund it until very recently, but now just like our Medicare, costs keep rising. Now they realize their system is expensive and President Sarkozy is making it more like the American system because as it is presently set up, it penalizes the self employed, discouraging entrepreneurism!

Countries using socialized medicine (single payor) including Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Britain and Canada all have long waiting times for care, also they are like bottomless pits that swallow more and more tax revenues.
In some of these countries for example Norway and Britain care can be denied if it is not deemed to be cost effective. Scary!
Thousands of Canadians come to the USA every year because they can't get treatment in Canada and to crown it all they have to sue their own Government so they can buy Private Health insurance in order to save their lives. UNBELIEVABLE!
Slowly but surely these countries are introducing private insurance in order for their citizens to receive good health care in a timely manner and in modern facilities. Their citizens are finding that tax and spend doesn't deliver quality health care.

You may remember the cost of health care reform according to the Senate was $1.6 trillion over 10 years to insure
16 million people, then it dropped to $1 trillion but President Obama said he wanted it to cost less, so it magically dropped
to $600 billion and allegedly it would cover 21 million people. This must be magic. Only in America can you insure more
people for less money, the streets must be paved with gold! Or could it just be smoke and mirrors?


It is obvious that the Swiss, French and German systems are the best. Of these the German model is the least expensive.
So why don't we just use the German system, like the Dutch have since 2006? Why are so many politicians obsessed with socialized medicine? Even the Russians can't make it work! The answer is simple. Socialized Medicine means more control of people's lives and money, plus it allows hidden taxes and spending, generating more power, and some politicians just can't get enough power. If socialized medicine pays for itself, why are our politicians already arguing about large tax increases?

Recently I wrote to President Barack Obama, Senator Diane Feinstein and Senator Barbara Boxer concerning healthcare reform and I have been very surprised by their encouraging replies.

It might be a good idea for you to write to all your representatives with your opinions on the subject.

I hope this newsletter has helped you understand "free" health care. If you ever find some please let me know.

Best Regards,

Brian Gray.
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