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Brian Gray was born in London, England in 1945. He trained as an engineer and moved to California in 1979 where he became an American citizen. In 1982 Brian decided to become involved in the insurance and investment industry.

Brian felt that everyone deserved to have access to the best products for the best price. His objective was to devise a simple method that allowed people to compare products, thereby empowering them control their own future.

He developed a practical system which allowed him to make his goal a reality, while at the same time conducting seminars and consultations throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.

In 1997 his son Jason joined the team after graduating with a Degree in Finance from San Diego State University.

In 2008, Brian's wife Kathleen came on board. For 22 years, Kathleen worked for the California State University - Office of the Chancellor, as the Executive Staff Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer for the 23-campus State University system. She is an additional resource to assist you with your medical and financial planning needs.

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Best Medicare Supplements

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Medicare needed for Medigap coverage?

Yes. Medigap is a term often used to describe Medicare Supplement plans. Medicare Supplement plans are supplementing what Medicare pays. If there is no Medicare in place then there is nothng to supplement.

What is the definition of Medicare?

A very simple Medicare definition is that it is Federal Health Insurance for people over 65 years of age or on Medicare Disability.

What is Medicare Blue PPO, Blue Medicare PPO or Freedom Blue Medicare?

Blue Cross of California has a Medicare Advantage PPO called the Freedom Blue PPO. more information available here or contact us for more details

What do I need to know about California Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

The correct Medicare Supplement together with the right Medicare Part D prescription drug plan would give you the best coverage available under the Medicare System. Medicare Advantage plans are available that may cost you less per month, but the coverage will not be the same.

Who are the Medigap insurance providers?

There are multiple companies offering Medicare Supplement plans in California. It is a good idea to talk to an expert to determine which plan from which company will best suit your needs.

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Your Medicare Options.

Including Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans (HMO’s PPO’s and PFFS Private Fee for Service)

Fee for service. A Private Fee For Service Plan is NOT a Medicare Supplement. A Medicare Supplement gives you access to any Doctor, any hospital or any other provider in the Medicare Program. With a Private Fee For Service Plan a doctor or hospital is NOT required to agree to accept the plan’s terms and conditions, and may choose not to treat you.

Things you should Know about Medicare Part D Prescription Coverage

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